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la ti do re mi fa si la

cigarettes are only sung in minor

23 June
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(i have moved ___treehouse)

i love you.
i promise.

80s teen movies, absolutely fabulous, alias, alligators, amy poehler, and much much more..., animals, art, baby carrots, badminton, baking, ballet, bands, bar mitzvahs, being ghetto, birds of prey, birthday cakes, blank paper, body lines, books, brahms, burts bees, butterflies, buying stuff, camwhoring, chamber music, chaminade, chapstick, chinese new year parades, christmas, clothes, coasters, coffee, college, coloring books, comedy central, conan obrien, crushes, dancing, daria, dinosaurs, discovery channel, disney movies, drama, earrings, etch-a-sketchs, etta james, explosions, fake eyelashes, family guy, fans, flutes, food, foreign countries, french, french toast, friends, fuettes, games, germans, girlie sleepovers, glasses, glitter, handbells, helmut newton, hockey, imaginations, jazz, jewelry, jokes, kids in the hall, laughing, letters, lipgloss, loveline, make up, masks, matt besser, memories, microorganisation, molly ringwald, movies, mullets, music, musical theatre, nature walks, nerds, new toothpaste, ninjas, noises, not nickels, oboes, observing things, people, personal vices, photography, picnics, pictures, pink lemonade, play-do, pointe shoes, ponies, pop culture, questions, rain, rainbow brite, rainbows, random facts, rhyming, scatting, scrapbooks, secrets, sewing machines, shadows, shoes, show choir, silly putty, singing, sleeping, smoking, snl, snowboarding, stand-up comedy, stars, stretching, sunglasses, swings, tchaikovsky, tea, teeny batteries, the beach, the city, the little prince, the yellow submarine, tim curry, trees, tv, twee, ultracute girls, underwear, upright citizens brigade, vegetarians, voyeurism, when you are happy, will ferrell, yamicas, youth symphonies